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HOW is a healing hub for professional Therapists and healers to inspire & assist others in their pursuit of improved health through treatments enabling you to feel healthy happy and whole. All practitioners are mature and have been treating for a minimum 10 years in their practise.


Therapies currently offered at the House of Wellness are Podiatry and  Headache Physiotherapy and functional bio-mechanical movement classes facilitated through Yogalates. Private sessions are available.

The Yoga Pilates studio has been providing fusion classes of the world renowned Yogalates method in the Byron/Bangalow Community for 23 years and are considered experts in fusing core stability into Asana by Yoga Australia.

Yogalates explores the fusion of Yoga and Pilates Therapy with functional Anatomy and Core holistic Stability to stretch, strengthen and tone your body while supporting fundamental pelvic patterns of movement enhancing postural alignment. The exploration of the breath and its interplay with in functional stability, enhances safety in your asana practise.


Bangalow Headache Clinic
Michael Haywood

Effective and sustainable, natural, safe, drug-free and manipulation-free headache and migraine treatment. Our assessment and service is a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes of headaches.

The Watson Headache Approach® consists of a series of techniques which when applied systematically will confirm or rule out upper neck disorders as the causative factor of sensitisation of the brainstem; the underlying disorder in up to 80% of headache and migraine conditions.

The Watson Headache Approach® identifies a previously unrecognised clinical pattern. The Approach accurately determines the neck joints involved and experience has shown it to be effective for many different forms of headache or migraine.

Using the proven Watson Headache Approach® we assess your condition to determine if your neck is the source of your headache and/or migraine


If you suffer from headache and migraine, call us today for your obligation-free consultation.

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Ph: 0475 757 510

Bangalow Podiatry
Moira Ryan

Moira grew up in the Northern Rivers, and after many years studying and working in Queensland, she has decided to relocate back to her hometown to begin her own podiatry dream. 


Moira has always had a passion for helping kids and young adults with their lower limb woes. She enjoys the complexity and energy of a young patient, and is experienced in the challenge of meeting their needs as well as the parents. 


Improving quality of life with a holistic approach is what Moira stives for when helping any patient. She loves to involve you in her management plan and treatment goals so that they fit seamlessly into your lifestyle whilst achieving results. 


If you are suffering from pains such as; plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunion worries, sporting injuries, ingrown toenails, general nail and/or skin troubles or just need some advise on footwear and alignment concerns, Moira is here to help!

Email: bangalowpodiatry@gmail.com

W. bangalowpodiatry.com

Ph:  0413 380 122

Oncology, Lymphatic Massage & Cancer Recovery
Amanda Da Silva

Amanda is a Remedial Massage Therapist and Lymphatic, Oncology Massage Practitioner, and specialises in Mastectomy Aftercare. Amanda has immense passion for supporting and working with women post mastectomy to regain confidence in their bodies and move forward in their lives.

Amanda uses a combination of integrative techniques such as Oncology & Relaxation Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Ayurvedic Massage, Myofascial Release, Bone Marrow Support Sequence, and Somatic techniques in supporting clients during any phase of their recovery.

Amanda's work focused on restoring physical wellbeing, as we overtime work with releasing stress, worry and anxiety in the body.

If you feel you have any questions or concerns about persistent swelling, difficulty raising your arm or reaching around your back, rib or chest wall pain, tension or numbness there are things that we can do to help. 


To book an appointment with Amanda see below

Mastectomy Aftercare Specialist
Lymphatic and Oncology Massage Practitioner

Ph: 0400 777 802


Self Referral and online bookings available - Wednesdays and Thursdays.
First session is 90 mins; & includes wellness consult and massage. Health Fund Rebates available.

Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine & Nutrition
Elissa Pelling


Since graduating in 2009 from Victoria University with an Honours degree in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine), I have focused my clinical work in the area of holistic reproductive health and wellbeing. Initially working in Melbourne with a renown fertility specialist, for the past 5 years I have been working both in Bangalow and at the Lismore Birth House. I am passionate about helping couples to conceive healthy babies naturally or with IVF,  helping women to manage a range of pain and period problems, alleviating pregnancy discomforts, replenishing after pregnancy and birth, and easing the transition of menopause.


In addition to my Chinese Medicine qualification, I'm a member of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA), CMBA (Chinese Medicine Board of Australia) and our peak professional association, AACMA (Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association). I completed training as a Birth Attendant (doula) with Rhea Dempsey, Natural Fertility Education, have completed training in Acupuncture for pregnancy, Fertile Life Method training, Shonishin (non-penetrative children's acupuncture), and cosmetic acupuncture


Ph: 0468 798 871

Crystal Bed Healing
Emma Bellamy


Essentially, I help people to find balance. Most of my work has evolved out of my own personal experiences.

The main work that I absolutely LOVE to do is to help people come back to balance with Crystal Bed Healing. This gentle, profoundly powerful therapy realigns our human bio-field, bringing us back into harmony with who we really are. 

Due to my own Motherhood journey I became interested in Conscious Conception and Conscious Pregnancy. So I wrote Baking A Baby, a book about bringing in our future children consciously. This book is now published and ready to purchase


ph: 0405 535 205

Functional Movement & WellBeing classes
Yoga  |  Pilates  |  Yogalates  |  Barre  |  Prenatal
Yogalates with Louise Solomon & Facilitators

Signature Yogalates explores the fusion of Yoga and Pilates Therapy with functional Anatomy and Core holistic Stability to stretch, strengthen and tone your body while supporting fundamental pelvic patterns of movement. The exploration of the breath and its interplay within functional stability, enhances safety in your asana practise.

All different body types are catered for to support postural re-alignment and your overall wellbeing. All postures are taught with the awareness of stability in the joints and progressing from a preparation stage increasing the load and effort so that everyone has an option to suit their body and fitness level.

E. info@yogalates.com.au

W. yogalates.com.au

Ph. 6687 2031

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